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Rita - Queen of speed is a launched roller coaster which propels guests from 0 - 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, pulling more G's than Oblivion. The new attraction has totally transformed Ug Land from the pre-historic land that it used to be into a fast, furious and fun rally.
› Open Date: 1st April 2005
› Manufactured By: Intamin
› Model: Accelerator
› Engineering: Ingenieurbuero Stengel GmbH
› Designer: Candy Holland
› Cost: £8,000,000
› Elements: 2 air-time hills
› Track Length: 647m (2123')
› Track Height: 18.4m (60')
› Max Speed: 100kph (63mph)
› Duration: 50 Seconds
› G Force: 4.7 G
› Capacity: 40
› Restraint Type: Shoulder Restraint With Lap Bar
› Seating: 2 Trains, 5 Cars Per Train, 2 Rows Per Car, 2 People Per Row
› Throughput: 800 per hour

In 2004 news broke out that a new roller coaster was to be built for 2005, this was rapidly succeeded by the confirmation that it would be a launched coaster by Swiss ride manufacturers Intamin. When opened in 2005, Rita - Queen of Speed was the first Hydraulic Launch roller coaster of its kind in Europe.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.4m (4' 8") tall.
› Wheelchair access is available via an exit lift.
› Property racks are available for belongings to be left at the station.
› On-Ride photos are available from the Rita ride photo shop.
› A single rider queue is in operation for this attraction.


Random Image

Unknown: (4 / 5) Really fast and good. Tip - keep your head back, I forgot and it was knocking about all over the place.

Darren McCarroll: (5 / 5) Where do i begin. Rita s one of the best rollercoasters in Alton Towers. I got to the front of the ride, the only downside is that the q took...(expand)

Charly Bigpotatoes: (5 / 5) I thought Rita was great, I too went on an off peak day and rode it 4 times on the bounce, I wouldn't recommend that though as my head started to pound. Anyone who hasn't enjoyed it is probably more annoyed that they qued up for so long.

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Rita Train
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Rita Cabin
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