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The Congo River Rapid ride rushes through Katanga Canyon and fits in with the areas theme very well. It features a huge layout and large waterfalls. Watch out for the queues in summer though, they can be very long.
› First Installed: 1986
› Manufacturer: Intamin
› Duration: 6 mins
› Length: 725m (2378' 7")
› Restraint Type: Ring In Centre Of Boat
› Capacity: 280
› Throughput: 1,800 Persons Per Hour

In 1986 a huge project was undertaken by Alton Towers, 10 acres of land was re-formed and tonnes of land and rubble removed to make way for a new water ride. The ride was formally in an area called Aqua Land but this was renamed to Katanga Canyon in 1992 when The Runaway Mine Train was installed.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 0.9m (3') tall. Riders in-between 0.9m (3') and 1.1m (3' 3") must be accompanied by an adult.
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› On-Ride photos are available from the Congo River Rapids ride photo shop.

Random Image

Ryan Frankcom: A really enjoyable ride, Loved it, and the queue was under 15 minutes!

edard backhous: This ride is one of the best but i'm afraid you can't beat air or nemises but this is still a truley magnifficent ride!!!

unknown: (5 / 5) A really good family ride! go on it night when its dark, its like 10 times better!!

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