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The Haunted Hollow is a themed walkway which acts as a shortcut between Mutiny Bay and Gloomy Wood (skipping Katanga Canyon). It's aimed at families and you'll find everything from ghosts telling jokes to each other, to interactive musical gravestones!
› Opened: 2007
› Manufacturer: In-House Studios
› Cost: £25,000

The Haunted Hollow takes the route of the park's old railway line, which was removed in 1996.

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Jack : (2 / 5) haunted hollow is a bit of a waste of money but at least they put something in the shortcut rather than leave it bare they could do with adding...(expand)

Michael : Haunted Hollow was great i just came back from Alton Towers, and i totally enjoyed going through Haunted Hollow i took Abi through it, best thing was when we came back from Duel the butler statue had a drink (a real one) in his hand. :D

Mark: (3 / 5) My rating for this attraction goes from 3-4 depending on the time of year. When I first went through the Haunted Hollow early in 2007 I was very...(expand)

Haunted Hollow Gallery
Funny Ghosts
Abandoned Hearse
Inside The Hearse
Musical Gravestones
Musical Gravestone