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Ripsaw is a classic Top-Spin ride with 35 powerful water jets set up to soak a total of 40 helpless guests. Even if you don't wish to ride Ripsaw, you may like to watch innocent guests get soaked, it can be rather amusing.
› First Installed: 1997
› Ride Type: Top Spin
› Manufacturer: Huss
› Height: 59ft // 18m
› Weight: 80 tonnes
› Power Consumption: 160kW
› Ride Sequences: 9
› Capacity: 40
› Throughput: 800 Persons Per Hour
› Seating: 1 Gondola, 2 Rows, 20 Seats Per Row
› Restraint Type: Shoulder Restraints With Lap Bar

Following the departure of Thunder Looper, Alton Towers were quick to add other attractions to Forbidden Valley. Ripsaw was one of these rides.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.4m (4' 8") tall.
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› Property storage is available for belongings to be left near the operators cabin.

Random Image

Unknown: At first I really didnt want to go on this ride, but I did and it was so much fun! You can barely see because you are spinning around so much. I GOT SOAKED!!!

mr.X: Go on ripsaw at the end of the day. Thats when it's most EXTREME!

Julian: (5 / 5) A very good and thrilling flatride, beats all others in the park!

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