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Blade is a swinging ship ride themed as a giant swinging blade. There is rarely a queue for this attraction even in summer so it's definitely worth a quick go. The back seats are recommended for a more thrilling ride.
› First Installed: 1980
› Model: Swinging Ship
› Manufacturer: Huss
› Boat Length: 13m 10cm // 43'
› Weight: 28 tonnes
› Height: 20m // 66'
› Power Consumption: 105kW
› Capacity: 54
› Throughput: 1,200 Persons Per Hour
› Restraint Type: Lap Bar

The Blade, which was first installed in 1980, was originally named the Pirate Ship and occupied Springfield Centre, which became Fantasy Land in 1984 and finally X-Sector in 1998. It remained there for many years until in 1996 it was moved to Forbidden Valley following the closure and removal of the Thunder Looper.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.1m (3' 8") tall unless accompanied by an adult.
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› Personal belongings must be taken on to the ride.

Random Image

Ryan Frankcom: One of the best swinging rides I've ever been on, really enjoyed it.

Chris: (5 / 5) A really good ride for the whole family, it is fun and there is never a queue, though it shouldn't be a thrill ride.

Unknown: (3 / 5) This ride is good if your not up for others, it feels really good the way your swinging.

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