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The Air shop is a very modern building which sits on top of the dual Air stations. The shop is joined to the exit of Air, but is also accessible to guests who haven't been on the ride. There's a wide selection of products on sale including a variety of Quicksilver clothing. The shop also sells drinks, sweets and novelty items as well as the on-ride photos for Air.
› Opened: 16th March 2002

Guest Information
› The disabled entrance to Air is to the right of this shop.

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Jamie: (5 / 5) I think that the shop was designed perfectly, and that the modern look of it just complements the entire atmosphere of the ride.

Jack : (3 / 5) great shop one of the best to go in it has a great selection of sweets down to clothes and official air merchandise also the giant tv screens on the wall showing the air your day clip nice touch

Vicki: (4 / 5) I really like the design of the shop, it's an interesting structure. There is a good selection of gifts too and the Cadbury Mini Heroes pick and mix is great although it is slightly expensive.
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