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Gallopers Carousel is a classic carousel ride which is brightly painted and has traditional fairground music. There are a number of seating options, with static and moving horses, as well as decorated carriages.
› First Installed: 1991
› Opened: 2000
› Diameter: 8.5m // 27' 11"
› Rotation Speed: 5.5 RPM
› Electric System: 3Kw/220v/50hz
› Lighting: 18Kw/110v/50hz
› Weight: 8,000kg
› Height: 7m // 23'
› Seating: 40 seats
› Restraint Type: Handle Bar
› Duration: Variable

The Gallopers Carousel was originally located in Adventure Land 4-11, which was merged into Talbot Street the year after. It was known simply as the Carousel until it was given it's current name of "Gallopers Carousel" in 1993. Its last location was Adventure Land, before it was moved to Cred Steet to make way for the construction of Spinball Whizzer.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.3m (4' 4") tall unless accompanied by an adult.

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Gallopers Carousel