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Caffe Espresso is a modern cafe which provides a large selection of hot drinks. A small selection of snacks, soft drinks and ice cream is also available. This is an ideal place for parents to chill out and have a coffee whilst the children have some ice cream.
Hot Drinks:
Americano - £1.70
Cappuccino - £1.95
Latte - £1.95
Mocha - £2.00
Chocolate - £1.60
Tea - £1.20

Cold Drinks:
Orange Juice - £1.50
Coke - £1.79

Pannini's - £3.75
Sandwiches from £2.49
A selection of fresh desserts and muffins from £1.20

Ice Cream:
1 Scoop - £1.20
2 Scoop - £1.60
3 Scoop - £1.95

This outlet used to be known as InCREDible Ices, which offered a large selection of ice cream in various flavours.

Guest Information
› Indoor seating is provided.

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Lauren: (3 / 5) Brilliant ice cream and drinks!
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