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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside a pinball machine? Probably not, but Spinball Whizzer tries to give you a pretty good idea anyway! This popular family roller coaster will send you whizzing through twists, turns and drops whilst spinning you around! What's more, every ride is unique due to the fact that the cars rotate freely. This means that the spinning is left to gravity alone, which is great, especially if you spread the weight out unevenly!

You'll probably want to get your ride in early, as queues build quickly and usually remain constant throughout the day. If you do have to wait though, there are various push button games situated at set intervals in the queue to keep you entertained. If that isn't enough then the area plays some funky pinball tunes with classics from the likes of Elvis, The Beach Boys and The Monkees.
› Opened: 27th March 2004
› Manufactured By: Maurer Söhne
› Model: Xtended SC 3000
› Engineering: Ingenieurbuero Stengel GmbH
› Designer: John Wardley
› Cost: £3,500,000
› Elements: Immelman, Banked Turn & 2 Helixes
› Track Length: 470m // 1476' 5"
› Track Height: 17m // 55' 9"
› Max Speed: 61kph // 38mph
› Duration: 90 Seconds
› Capasity: 32
› Restraint Type: Lap Bar
› Seating: 8 Cars, 2 Rows Per Car, 2 Seats Per Row
› Slogan: It's Flippin Crazy!

Back in 2003, news got out that Tussauds would be investing in two brand new spinning roller coasters for both Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures. Chessington's ride was to be called Dragons Fury, whilst Alton Towers would name theirs Spinball Whizzer. They were set to be Maurer Söhne Xtended SC 3000s, a model previously unseen in the UK. In fact, only one other SC 3000 existed in the world at the time.

Both Spinball Whizzer and Dragons Fury were to open on 27th March 2004, making the construction process of the two rides an interesting spectacle. Enthusiasts got to follow the construction of Spinball Whizzer every step of the way during the 2003/2004 winter weekends, which the park ran for the first time.

Guest Information
› Riders must be between 1.2m and 1.95m (3' 12" and 6' 4") tall.
› Riders must weigh no more than 110kg (17st 4lbs).
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› Property racks are available for belongings to be left at the station.
› On-Ride photos are a vailable from the Spinball Whizzer ride photo shop.
› A single rider queue is in operation for this attraction.


Random Image

Unknown: (5 / 5) A great ride. Not as extreme as nemesis but so much fun, its a great theme too.

Kayleigh: I love this ride. it is the perfect family ride, but you do need a strong stomach or you'll feel rather queasy!

It looks a lot scarier than it...(expand)

Darren McCarroll: (4 / 5) Spinball whizzer is a great rollercoaster. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially because it makes you laugh when you spin around and around, however there is one problem to this marvellous rollercoaster. The spinning ! It makes you feel so sick ! But it's a great coaster :-) 4* :¬D

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