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The Beastie is a children's roller coaster painted in bright red. This cheerful ride is sure to please the more adventurous young people around, you could even call it the children's white knuckle experience! The train does two circuits of the track, prolonging the rides duration. There are two other identical models of this coaster (Super Dragon MD31) made by Pinfari, one being the Super Dragon at Drayton Manor Park. The other is located at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark.
› First Installed: 1983
› Manufactured By:
› Designer: Pinfari
› Model: Super Dragon MD31
› Track Length: 476' // 145m
› Max Speed: 8mph // 13kph
› Weight: 35,274lbs // 16,000kg
› Power: 15Kw
› Duration: 105 Seconds
› Throughput: 720 Persons Per Hour
› Restraint Type: Lap Bar
› Seating: 1 Train, 6 Coaches, 24 Seats.
› Number Of Circuits: 2

The Beastie started its life in Cred Street, or Festival Park as it was known at the time. It was originally named the Mini Dragon Rollercoaster and was situated around the likes of 1001 nights and the Enterprise. In 1987 the ride was renamed to the Dragon Rollercoaster. Then, in 1992 the attraction was moved to Forbidden Valley, which was known as Thunder Valley back then. 1994 saw the rides name change to The Beastie, and in 1997 it was moved to its current location - Adventure Land.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.2m (4') tall.

Roller Coaster Tycoon
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Track
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Ewan Tough: (3 / 5) It was OK but the restraint was not very tight at all. I was a bit unhappy when a family waited at the exit and got let on first. It needs to be either re-themed to sonic or mario or demolished.

Unknown: (2 / 5) Ok, its not that extreme but its for little kids. A great ride though, all the kids on it loved it!! But it has some quite steep drops that make you jerk a bit.

Mikila: i think that this ride the beastie is ok for little kids bless them ive even been on it before thnx!!!!!

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