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We said we'd keep an eye on the 'Mysterious Clearing' behind Cred Street, and we have done! See what we found this time... Sunday, 29th June, 2008 - Earlier this month we reported ( on a section of land which had been cleared behind Cred Street (/tour/credstreet/). We said we'd keep and eye on the patch, and in doing so noticed the following:

Mysterious goings on. (

Mysterious goings on. (

What makes this interesting of course, is the fact that John Wardley has been spotted in Cred Street (/tour/credstreet/) on numerous occasions of late. Not only that, but the area is behind the Bouncing Bugs (/tour/credstreet/bouncingbugs/), which is rumoured to be leaving the park at the end of the season. If that still isn't enough reason to speculate, then the fact that the area used to be called 'Coaster Corner' is another thought to ponder. Then again, this clearing could just be a tidy up and a bit of maintenance work, who knows...

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