Alton Towers slash Scarefest hours

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The park is now set to close at 7pm during selected dates of the event. Tuesday, 30th July, 2013 - It appears that Alton Towers' flagship Halloween event will see reduced hours in 2013. The park's official website has been updated to reduce some of the event's closing times from 9pm to 7pm.

The dates effected are the weekdays of the event's first week between 21st - 25th October. The dates had previously all been listed on the park's website with a 9pm close time. All weekends and other dates during Scarefest - which runs from 19th October - 3rd November - remain unaffected with a 9pm close.

The cause of the reduced opening is currently unknown, but is likely due to cost cutting due to typically lower guest figures during the first week of the event.

The change to opening times has been met with disappointment from enthusiasts who have aired their concerns on Facebook and Twitter. Many cite that the early close time will mean little to no nighttime riding during these five days.

Alton Towers have attempted to cut opening times before, with several dates reduced to 4pm closes last September. After meeting the decision with widespread criticism, the resort reversed this decision. Scarefest has also run on early close times before with two days closing at 5pm last year - although this was due to the interim period between Scarefest and the fireworks event.

What are your opinions on this new change? Should Scaresfest always run until 9pm or is this change wlecome during the quieter week of the event? Let us know via the community (

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