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More details on what's coming for the 2009 season have now been released, along with the 2009 park map. Thursday, 5th March, 2009 - With just over three weeks left until the 2009 season starts, The Sun newspaper have been running an offer for two free adult tickets to Alton Towers, when you collect tokens from the paper. As part of this promotion an eight page pull out was produced, showcasing the resort, including the new attractions for this year.

The final names for the Cloud Cuckoo Land attractions have now been confirmed. Ug Swingers, which has made the move to alongside the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre, will now be known as Twirling Toadstool and the brand new play area is to be called Wobble World, which has taken over the area occupied by the previous indoor play area.

Also revealed in The Sun is the 2009 resort map, shown below. The map, whilst still in the same style as last years, has received some added detail, with the new Sharkbait Reef added, all the Cloud Cuckoo Land changes and also the new Skyride gondolas and themed monorail trains in place. The hotels have also seen some attention on the map, with the conference centre now highlighted, along with a more detailed representation of the water park. It seems the push to get families to stay at the hotels is even greater than before.

2009 Park Map (http://www.towersnerd.com/images/news/2009map_big.jpg)

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