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Following on from last months unveiling of the 2010 coaster layout by the European Coaster Club, detailed plans for the coaster have now been made available. Tuesday, 13th January, 2009 - Following the sad departure of Corkscrew from Alton Towers, speculation on it's replacement was immense, of levels not seen since the likes of Air or Oblivion. To say the enthusiast community was eager to find out what would be coming in 2010 would be an understatement.

Now everybodies minds have been put to rest, with the detailed plans available online. The plans confirm that the coaster has no inversions, and most likely will be a family friendly ride. From first impressions the track appears to be a Gerstlaur coaster, which would fit as they have recently installed Saw the ride at Thorpe Park, so a two coaster deal may have been done with them, which has happened in the past with Maurer Sohne when installing Spinball Whizzer & Dragon's Fury at Alton and Chessington.

The plans also show that the theme of the coaster will be a Towers restoration, hex style theme, with a ruined Towers style station featuring lots of scaffolding, and an ominous hooded statue at the end of the station.

The plans have now thrown up many other topics of debate, such as what exactly is the world first aspect of the ride going to be? The plans certainly show that the main track portion does not contain anything out of the ordinary, so it leaves the so far unrevealed inside portion of the ride that could be the unique element. Could the rumoured tilting section be this feature?

Another topic of debate is what will become of Rita? With Rita coming very close to the station of the new coaster, will we continue to see a mis-match in themes and still have Rita - Queen of Speed in it's red track and hot rod style cars, speeding past a spooky restoration project? Also will we see a retheme of Ug Land, as the plans show that the entrance to the new ride's queue will be in a similar place to where Corkscrew's queue entrance was, so it would suggest that there is nothing prehistoric left in Ug Land to warrant that theme, with the removal of the only other ride in the area, the Ug Swingers.

The plans for the new coaster are no doubt exciting, but they have prompted even more questions. Once again excitement has returned to the Alton Towers community, and this year will definitely be interesting watching the new coaster taking shape.

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