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YourDay Goes Live on the Flume
Another ride has been added to the YourDay DVD line up, this time the Flume gets in on the personalised movie action. Saturday 2nd August 2008 - Almost a year after the world's first YourDay system was launched at Alton Towers the Flume has been added to the list of rides available.

YourDay was launched on 12th August last year, four months after it's original planned launch. There was much hype and excitement surrounding the new system as it offered something very new to theme park visitors.

Unfortunately the launch was tainted with only half of the originally advertised ride line up being featured - Corkscrew, Nemesis, Rita & Spinball Whizzer. Speculation suggested that these problems were linked to the untimely fashion that some rides completed their circuit.

The line up was boosted with Oblivion in September, followed by Air shortly after. This left just the Flume and Congo River Rapids off the original list, until now.

The Flume has now joined the other rides meaning that a total of 7 rides are now available on the DVD. The current price for a full day DVD stands at £18.99, with the single ride DVDs costing £6.99. They've also introduced a staggered costing system for the full day DVD, so if you don't manage to get on all of the rides they will only charge you for the ones you did, upto a maximum of £18.99. However, we're unsure of the exact pricing structure at this moment in time.


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