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The Smiler experiences further woes
Eye witnesses report a bolt falling from the track into the queue area today. Sunday 21st July 2013 - Shortly after midday today, reports started to appear on Twitter that a bolt had fallen from the track and landed on the meshed roof of the queue line. This was shortly followed by images being posted by several guests at the park showing a small gap in the track between the first inverted drop and dive loop. The area of track affected is one which caused considerable trouble during construction of the coaster.

The ride was in operation at the time of the incident, but thankfully no one on the ride or in the queue was injured by the falling debris. Alton Towers staff evacuated the queue line immediately and closed the ride. Engineers were seen on park inspecting the ride throughout the rest of the day.

Alton Towers are yet to comment on today's incident.

The Smiler has experienced a mixed summer so far at the Resort. July saw five train operation for the first time since opening which has made a positive impact on throughput and queue times. But the ride has been suffering other problems due to the current British heatwave. Increased temperatures have caused problems for those queueing, with some guests close to fainting in the ride's enclosed pit. The heat has also reportedly affected the projectors in the optical testing room causing them to overheat and malfunction.

It is currently unknown when The Smiler will re-open but it is certainly possible that the new £18 million pound attraction will be out of action for several days whilst the incident is investigated and a fix is put in place.


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