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2012 Ride: Our Artist Impression
Now that we have firm evidence of a new indoor attraction for 2012, speculation is ramping up. We thought we'd add to that with an impression of what we'd like to see. Saturday 3rd September 2011 - In light of the recently submitted planning application from Alton Towers, speculation on what next years indoor attraction could be is ramping up!

We thought we'd add to that speculation by presenting an artist impression of the kind of thing we'd love to come to Forbidden Valley. Our very own John Burton has produced the following graphic, a concept for a ride named 'Nemesis Encounter':

"Mysterious disturbances from beneath have began a military lead operation of excavators, to unearth a beast that has lain seldom for 2 million years, waiting to unleash its almighty power."

Nemesis Encounter

You can join in with the 2012 ride discussions in our community.


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