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Spinball Whizzer Rollercoaster Simulator
Operation Manual
To dispatch a car you must first press down both sides of the restraints. So click on the above image of the car on each of the restraints. The light to dispatch will then appear.

The Loading button will appear for the next train there must be at least 4 guests i the main queue to load guests. Sometimes only a group of 3 will load allowing the option to load a single rider from the single rider queue line.

Removing a Car:
All the cars must be stationary on the final break run. This will then display the remove car button. An auto sequence will then kick in to remove the car and will allow you to run 7 Cars instead of the full 8 (you can only remove up to 1 car at a time).

Adding a Car:
This can be done when ever the first block section is clear.

Fuse Box:
If a car stops on a block brake it may be due to a fuse breaking. You will have to reset the fuse but you will have to wait until all the cars behind it have stopped moving safely.

Mechanic Call:
If it is not a fuse that has caused the brake down on the lifthill then you must call a mechanic to fix the problem.

A forecast from AT-N news will keep you up to date with the weather conditions and day and night. Varying weather conditions can reduce or increase your queue line length.

Muting and un-muting certain sound effects as well as playing further announcements which can earn bonus points when played at certain times.

Car Status:
All cars will start with a full green bar. This shows the cars are in good condition. If the bar runs fully out you will loose ALOT of points. So to keep the cars maintained make sure you remove them into the mechanic bay for checks. This panel also displays the peeps in each car.

High and Low quality Setting. Playing on High quality may cause lag.

Points can be earned for the proper operation of the ride and points may be reduced for poor running of the ride. Bonus points are hidden for those who can professionally run the ride.

Enter your name at the top and then submit your score when you are finished!

Now Heads Back, Hold Tight, Here we Go!

Created By: John Burton
Top 10 Scores
  1. Alexander - 4073
  2. Danny - 3807
  3. Kieron - 3715
  4. jBragg101 - 3056
  5. Dean - 3003
  6. Bootharawwwrrr - 2687
  7. nemesismister - 2606
  8. Pav - 2528
  9. GARYH - 2472
  10. Jordan Pendleton - 2440

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