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Runaway Mine Train - Simulator

Operation Manual
Operators Manual
~Runaway Mine Train~
“Welcome to your new Job as a ride Operator of the Runaway Mine Train

Quality: If you experience any lag issues the best way to get rid of this is to- Right click on the simulator screen. Then Select "quality" and change it to "Low or Medium". This will change the quality of the graphics though.

User Interface

Operations Control Panel:

The Runaway Mine train simulator has a number of different control panels split to operate different things accordingly. Along the bottom of the screen these panels are everything that controls the Main Ride itself including Breakdowns. Along the right hand side these panels control extra features such as the rapids, Monorails and Music.

Notepad Events:
This will display events that occur during game play. Example (Storms, Guest Warnings, Breakdowns).

Clock Night / Day Mode:
Located on the sim page you will see a meter with a arrow on as this gets all the way around it will change to either night or day mode. If you select on the right side Day /Night “Off” it will pause the setting you are on then. As soon as you press “On” it will continue to cycle through day and Night Mode.

Breakdowns are completely Random. These will happen at any time so watch out! Make sure you have engineers on stand by. You will know when a breakdown occurs as the train will automatically stop and your events notepad will display “Breakdown”. To fix breakdowns Click “Send Engineers” They will go and fix the Ride and as soon as they are done you can “Start Train” again.

Watch out for those tunnels! if your train is too heavy it may stall and Roll back! If this does happen you will need to evacuate the train. The button will let you press it then you will be able to start up the train again and get it back to the station. (Evacuations take a lot off your guest happiness points).


This Ride sim will allow you to operate the Runaway Mine train and katanga Canyon in a number of different ways, to how you want to run it.

To begin you will need to place the “KEY” in the “KEYHOLE” you will not be able to operate the Runaway Mine Train Ride if you do not start the Ride properly.

Testing and Loaded Trains:
With the sim you can send around test runs for trains and loaded complete runs for trains.
To test run a train instantly Close the restrains and do not load any peeps. This will allow you to test run the train around the track.
To send a loaded train click “Load Peeps” and then close the harnesses.

Stopping The Train?
When the train enters the station you will have within 2 seconds distance to stop it. The “Stop Train” Button will turn bright red when it is time to press it. If you do not press it in time the train will continue around the track again.

Guest Happiness and Queue Rate?
In this sim you will notice too valves with red mercury bars inside of them. If you hover your cursor over them it will display which does what job.

Guest Happiness:
The left valve display guest Happiness. You should try to increase the red bar to as high as you can. To achieve high Guest Happiness make sure trains are loaded with peeps and the more times they go round the track the higher the bar will go.

Queue Line Rate:
The Right Valve displays Queue Line Rate: You should try to Decrease the red bar to as low as you can. To Achieve this you should sort out any breakdowns or evacuations as quickly as possible. If you leave the train running around the track too often The Queue line Rate will start to increase quickly.

So you must try and keep an even balance of circuits to prevent the Queue line rate rising but just enough to keep guests happy.

Final Note

You are the Ride Op, so operate this and most importantly have fun and enjoy it!