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Rita - Queen of Speed Simulator
Operation Manual
To move a train from place to place the buttons will turn green under the operations panel. If they are red you cannot move the train.

The buttons below the movement buttons allow you to remove or add a train from the mechanics bay. The buttons will light up when the simulator feels it is safe to move the train on or off the main track.

These are random and will decrease your score so be prepared to fix them! When they occur you will not be able to operate the sim. You will need to click the spanner button to call a mechanic.

Music Panel:
This allows you to change the volume of the audio of the simulator as well as turning the Thunder Rock rally radio on or off.

Mist Button:
This allows you to turn Ritas Launch Smoke on or off!

The Timer:
This displays how long you have been playing as well as a dial to show you how long it is until day or night.

Storms are random and will halt operation. If you press the storm button and the lightning cloud is dark grey storms will be turned off.

If you press this you will stop time to day mode. The dial on the timer you will notice will stop and the sim will be played in day mode.

Peep line:
Peeps will wait in line and the line will vary with how quickly it fills up according to the time of day. Mornings it will be quiet where as mid-day is busy.

This changes the quality of the simulator If the sim is performing slowly then play it in low quality for smoother running.

Scoring system:
When you play the Rita sim you will earn points for how well you operate the ride! First you will need to enter your name as the operator in the "Enter Name" panel below the count down lights. When you have finished playing the simulator press submit score above the scoring panel. Once you submit your score the game is over and you will not be able to carry on from where you left off. If you wish to play the simulator again refresh the page! Please note that any explicit names entered into the sim will be removed immediately.

Created By: John Burton
Top 10 Scores
  1. Enkjhter Name - 811
  2. dario - 712
  3. GARYH - 710
  4. ALTo TOWe KID - 700
  5. Kieran.s - 619
  6. Deanman - 400
  7. ollie - 350
  8. dan - 345
  9. Kenzie2012 - 315
  10. Wolfman - 310

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