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Oblivion Simulator
Operation Manual
Main Operation:
To move shuttles from one block to another press the green lit buttons. When the buttons show red this means you cannot proceed. The ride will not allow the cars to crash, You have full control of all the cars positions, at any time for you to operate how you like.

Playing it Real:
If you run the ride like in real life, You will load 2 trains at once and dispatch two trains at once. A small guide to when the best time to dispatch a double train set up is when the STA-Hold button FLASHES Green. This is the time it would normally be dispatched. When running a 3 car setup only usualy have 1 train in Station area A and hold the others on the brake runs.

Adding and Removing Shuttles
Shuttles can be added or removed from service. "Removing" a shuttle means they must be on the track transfer and have no peeps loaded. The storage bay can hold up to 3 shuttles at a time with 3 on main track. Adding a shuttle back onto track requires the transfer track to be empty.

Loading Peeps:
You will have to open harrnses and open gates. Gates Alternate each time between gates A1 and A2 and B1 and b2. You can also send round empty shuttles.

Peep Que Times
If you click the peep button it will change how busy and how quickly the que line builds up. If you press the question mark it will randomly change the busyness of the que. Reccomended to play on this mode.

Fuse Box
The ride can have some faults with buttons like fuses blowing. If a button goes out, ( turns Black) You will need to click the repair fuse button to bring up the fuse box. Then click the correct green fuse ( This Resets the fuse ) To continue Playing that part of the ride.

LiftHill BreakDowns
You may have a train stall on the lifthill. If this happens, The shuttle will hault and you will have to click the Mech button to call a mech. The Ride will automatically start up again once it is fixed.

If you have lag problems switch the simulation to play in low quality mode instead of High Quality mode. Although you will loose quality in graphics.

If all the buttons appear red Refresh your interent browser so the sim resets. Watch clicking the B4-b3 button at the point the car sometimes stops ontop of the turn.

Created By: John Burton
Top 10 Scores
  1. BRAD WINTO - 2105
  2. .Chris Moss-g - 2040
  3. Sam Clowes - 2029
  4. Kenzie2012 - 1592
  5. Stewart Sullivan - 1556
  6. Chris Moss-g. - 1432
  7. ? - 1284
  8. G MAN - 1281
  9. .aLEXANDER - 1166
  10. blipblipblur - 1134

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