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Nemesis - Roller Coaster Simulator
Operation Manual
Keyboard command button is located on the right side of the simulator panel showing all simulator keyboard & typed commands.

Standard Operation:
Once you open the ride it cannot be closed! So practice first with empty trains.

Raise the floor with the "Up Arrow Key". Open the restraints with the "9" key. Open the gates with the "Right Arrow Key". Close the gates with the "Left Arrow Key". If you have spaces for single riders, press the corresponding letters (Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I). Now close each restraints by pressing numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. The ride operators will now check the ride is clear for dispatch. Drop the floor with the "Down Arrow Key". Dispatch the car by pressing the "Enter Key". Bring in the next train by pressing the "Enter Key" again.

If your Nemesis comes to a halt you must enter the code "Mech" into the text box and press the enter code button to call a mechanic.

Maintain Your Ride:
Your cars will have a work bar that will countdown every dispatch. If your car goes into red you will lose points, so to prevent this send your car into the mechanics bay (Page Up Key & Unloaded Train) and leave it to be inspected and have its work bar looked at and maintaned.

Sending empty trains:
To send an empty train to the mechanic train you must enter the code "empty" in the text box and click "enter code". This will make the next boarding clear so you will have an empty train to send to the mechanic bay.

Now get playing!, Its fright time...

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