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The Field of 1000 Screams - Simulator
Operation Manual
This simulation is based on the Field of a Thousand Screams Scarefest Attraction of 2009.

There are 8 positions to hire staff too out of a possible 24 staff members. You need all 8 positions filled to run the maze properly.

Hiring Staff:
Click the 'person' image on the main screen of the actors panel then select the name of the staff member. On the new window click hire. You can only hire 1 staff member at a time and this will cost you £10 to do so.

Firing Staff:
If you find it is costing you too much to keep a staff member you can fire them on their panel screen. However, you cannot hire them again straight away, you must hire another staff member to start with.

Tire Rate:
Staff members can only do so many shows. It will cost you per show the cost you agreed to hire them for. If you let them go into the red their wages will increase rapidly so make sure you change the staff member (£50 Excess charge each time they run over).

All of the electrics must be setup to start the maze. Red lights indicate it is off, Green indicate that it is on.

Open Maze:

On the setup panel click the top right hand button 'Open Maze' to open the maze. You must wait for the peeps to queue up to at least 9 before you can let a group into the maze. Guests will pay to enter.

If something breaks you must call an electrician. They will then go and fix the problem. You must then return to the setup panel and turn that area back on. Any sick from guests must be cleaned as soon as possible so calling a cleaner is essential. Calling both an electrician and a cleaner will cost £3.

Passing a Scene:
If there is no actor at a scene when the peeps get there they will have the option to pass the scene. However, this can cost you money.

Top 10 Scores
  1. Gary Woodhouse - 344
  2. altongeek - 307
  3. Schalke.04 - 293
  4. jking7. - 290
  5. .Towers Teen - 286
  6. Lewis97 - 277
  7. Rev-Jonny - 266
  8. Andrew Wright. - 255
  9. bluegoblin7 - 253

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