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Duel - Simulator

Operation Manual
“Welcome to your new Job as a ride Operator of Duel- The Haunted House Strikes Back!”
Quality and lag control: If you experience any lag issues the best way to get rid of this is to change the quality to low by clicking the quality button on the operations panel of the simulator.

User Interface

Operations Control Panel:

The Duel simulator has 4 control panels for operation. To navigate between them there are 4 button pictures on the right side of the main layout screen.

Button (Peeps)–This panel allows you to work with the peeps

Button (Spanner)-This panel allows you to work with the breakdowns and Tech of the Ride

Button (Note)-This allows you to control the sound effects and music of the Ride

Button (Control Panel)-This feature allows you to operate the main Ride itself


On the Mechanic screen panel there are 3 possible breakdowns.

-Animatronics, Show Lights, or Main Ride.

When any of these breakdown the simulator will allow you to "Call" a mechanic to the ride control booth to repair it. Once the mechanic has fixed the ride you will then be able to turn the Lights or Animatronics back on properly or start the ride again by clicking the control panel and Green start.


You can evacuate the ride any time it is stopped by the player, not during a breakdown of the main ride or when a train is being removed.

You can control the volume of the main music, which is constantly looping.
You can turn the sounds on or Off for the animatronics. You can also play the announcement reels.


Upon Loading:

When you begin it is recommended to alter your quality settings to low by clicking the quality button on the operation panel.
When the simulator loads the E-lights will be on.


It is yours to control but you can do these in any order to get the ride running.
The best way to operate it is to:
  1. On the mechanic panel turn the show-Lights on and the animatronics( The tunnel should already be turned on)
  2. Then turn the E-Lights off
  3. You can then start the ride by pressing the green lit button on the control operation panel page. To start the Cars.
  4. The Ride should now be operating fully. All you need to do is click the peeps panel and click Loop loading.
  5. Peeps will board the train automatically
VIP Guests:

You may notice some VIP guests appear through the exit of the ride. When these appear to load them you will have to stop the ride on the "Operation" panel. And then click the car number to load them into. You will then have to start up the ride again.
Removal of Cars:

To remove a car it will first have to be empty! If you have looping of peeps on, turn it off so that it keeps the car empty. If you have stopped the ride just before removal, it will take some time to synch the cars and it may not allow you to remove them for 30seconds. When the car comes around the starting corner it will give you the option to “Prepare” when you click this it will stop the next empty train. Sometimes if the cars behind the one being removed are loaded it may take 30seconds before fully allowing the removal. When it gives you the car number option when you click it, it will remove the car. If you click the E-Lights button you will see inside the mechanics bay. The car will automatically be put back in place on the track after so long. You can only remove 1 car at a time.

The happiness Score point increases into the green section when you do certain actions in the Ride which influence the guest’s happiness.

Through-put increases as the rate of guests sent through the ride increases to its maximum.

Reliability is changed with the number of breakdowns and how quickly you respond to fixing them.

The Duel simulator is never ending and is yours to operate.

So Prepare to Duel!

Created By John Burton