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Air Rollercoaster Simulator
Operation Manual
Main Operation:
To move the trains to and from stations you will need to press either a green dispatch light or the Station 1 or 2 buttons. They will only be available if the block is clear.

Entering Train:
Select either station 1 or 2 depending which is clear. The train will enter and it will first ask you to tilt the train. Then raise the floors and open the harnesses. You can then open the gates or close harnesses. When you close the harnesses it will check each seat to make sure it is safe. If its safe all the panel lights will be green and allow it to tilt. If it is not safe you will have to recheck the harnesses. Once complete you will then lower floor and then tilt train. It will then allow you to dispatch if lift hill is clear.

Adding and Removing Trains:
To remove a train it must first be in station 2. You will need to close harnesses however it will not allow you to remove a train if you have loaded peeps so skip opening the gates. Tilt the train like normal and instead of dispatch select remove which will be green. You will be able to add the train back at any time.

Queue Line Control:
Peeps will begin to queue up in the line and will be stopped. You will need to click the peep control panel button where you will be able to distribute peeps to the stations. You can put 5 peeps at a time in 4 lots into the stations separate queue lines.

Loading Peeps:
When you open the harnesses it will give you the option to open gates which will load guests. However if there are no peeps in the queue line you will not be able to load guests.

LiftHill break downs:
If the train gets stuck at the base of the lift hill then you will have to call a mechanic by pressing the mech button. ( If the train stops at the top of the lift hill it has not broken down, this is because there is still a train on the main track which needs to be moved into a station)

Day/Night Mode:
This will change by itself from Day time, To Night time to Dawn. The queue line rate will alter accordingly. If you press the day night time button this will pause it on the state of time you are running it on.

If you have lag problems switch the simulation to play in low quality mode instead of High Quality mode. Although you will loose quality in graphics.

Online Scoring:
Enter your name in the left hand box at the top of the screen. This will enable you to submit your score you have achieved.

If the train stops at the top of the lift hill and you have moved the other 2 trains into the station and the brake run is clear, Refresh your internet browser. Watch clicking either " To Station 1 " or "To station 2" buttons when the train is moving to the top of the lift hill.

Created By: John Burton
Top 10 Scores
  2. Melvin Kicchi wus hear~ - 2600
  3. HEXBOY94 - 2511
  4. Garyh - 2083
  5. ALTON TOWERS KID - 2025
  6. MOYLESY - 1255
  7. Geoff Clarke - 1244
  8. Daniel - 1236
  9. Kieron - 1202
  10. Emma. - 1181

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